The Pros And Cons Of Fiberglass Body Kits

fiberglass body kit

Fiberglass is a material made from plastic resin and synthetic fiber, in a combination that is relatively strong and certainly cost-effective when it comes to guarding your car against cracks and tears. In general, fiberglass is a great material for a body kit, and has been used in racing for decades – maximizing the speed … [Read more…]

The Pros And Cons Of Car Tuning

Pros and cons of tuning

Today, ever car user wants to make the most of his car. With the incredible opportunities introduced by car tuning, we can all undertake certain measures to make our car better for the future and enjoy at its brand new, ‘tuned’ comfort. But as much as you think car tuning is great, just like everything … [Read more…]

Poly-Urethane Body Kits : The Pros And Cons

Van bodykit

Nowadays, many car performance body kits are composed of various materials. Therefore, every piece of body kit has its advantages, but also disadvantages prior to being considered. In a nutshell, selecting a body kit of a particular material like the poly-urethane body kits totally depends on the factors including price, conditions, usage and others. Today, … [Read more…]

What Is Car Tuning And What Are Its Benefits

What is car tuning?

Introduction – What Is Car Tuning? Nowadays, car tuning can be defined as a process in which the car is modified in order to expand or change certain characteristics. Every vehicle can be tuned, as there is a wide array of opportunities and areas of the car that can be changed. From the engine, spoilers, … [Read more…]